About Us

Altravax is a privately held biopharmaceutical company with corporate operations and research and development activities located in Sunnyvale, California. The Company is focused on the discovery and development of novel products to fight infectious diseases and other conditions. Our proprietary Immunogen Optimization System™ (IOS) offers unique opportunities to create novel vaccines or improve currently available alternatives to fill unmet medical needs. The Company has a robust pipeline of candidates at various stages of development, including a therapeutic vaccine against chronic hepatitis B infection and a preventive vaccine against all four dengue virus. Altravax seeks strategic alliances to develop these lead candidates for clinical testing.

Altravax also provides contract services through its Acclivity Biosystems service division. We use directed evolution technologies for collaborative client programs on protein optimization. This technology has broad applicability in the fields of diagnostics, reagents, biological therapeutics, industrial processes, and vaccine development.

Altravax’s mission is to improve human health, individually and globally, by preventing and treating diseases. We will motivate and empower our employees to focus on innovative ways to accelerate the development of biological products that are safe and efficacious.