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Altravax Launches Acclivity Biosystems Service Division

Altravax’s service division, called Acclivity Biosystems, uses directed evolution technologies for custom client programs of protein optimization. With over two decades of experience with this platform, Altravax has developed the Protein Optimization System™ to facilitate identification of novel and highly functional biosuperior proteins.

Through a collaborative process, functional diversity is identified and recombined, generating libraries of candidate proteins. Evaluation using a tiered screening approach results in the identification of proteins conforming to the user-defined target product profile. Recursive rounds of evolution harness the power of combining beneficial changes to gain significant improvements.

Functions for evolution include protein expression, activity, specificity, thermostability, or behavior in process-relevant conditions. This technology has broad applicability in the fields of reagents, diagnostics, biological therapeutics, vaccines, industrial processes, and synthetic biology.

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