IOS Technology

Altravax is focused on the discovery and development of the next generation of vaccines using proprietary Immunogen Optimization System™ (IOS). Our scientists have developed and licensed a host of vaccine-development technologies that are both time- and cost-effective. These include:

MolecularBreeding™ directed molecular evolution. The MolecularBreeding™ technology efficiently creates multiple vaccine candidates for evaluation and serves as a problem-solving tool for improving vaccine manufacturing, stability, and toxicity.
ParallelaVax™ high-throughput vaccine testing. The ParallelaVax™ approach solves the problem of large-scale vaccine screening in animals during pre-clinical studies.
ParaClin™ clinical vaccine evaluation. ParaClin™ testing is a system of GXP-based processes to accelerate the evaluation of vaccines in a clinical setting. The ParaClin™ approach allows multiple candidates to be studied and compared so that lead selection can be based on the results of human studies increasing the likelihood of identifying a successful product.

The creation of vaccines that can protect against multiple forms of pathogens such as viruses and bacteria remains a critical unmet medical need. For example, dengue viruses exist in several forms called serotypes and the influenza virus often changes from year-to-year. In addition, new pathogens are regularly emerging and spreading in our global society. Vaccines that give broad protection and/or can be rapidly developed against these new forms are particularly valuable. Our IOS technologies offer solutions to these crucial problems.