Product Pipeline

Altravax has a robust product pipeline based on use of its propriety IOS technology. Our lead product is a therapeutic vaccine for chronic hepatitis B virus infection. More than 350 million individuals around the world are chronically infected with hepatitis B, with over 100 million in Asia alone.

Altravax has also identified a novel dengue vaccine candidate for the prevention of dengue fever. The World Health Organization estimates that 50 to 100 million infections occur yearly, mostly among children. There is currently no approved vaccine for dengue.

Altravax’s hepatitis B therapeutic and dengue vaccine are a highly differentiated products that highlights the use of the IOS technology to create novel products.

Altravax has discovery programs for influenza vaccines that include efforts on both seasonal and pandemic viruses. A major objective is to develop vaccines that can protect against numerous strains of influenza virus. This would provide substantial advantages in terms of reduction in the number of vaccinations, eliminating the need to reformulate the flu vaccine each year, and to provide preemptive protection against potential pandemic strains.

The IOS technology is also being used in basic research on preventative vaccines for HIV/AIDS with third-party funding from the National Institutes of Health and the Department of Defense.

Through these initiatives, Altravax is developing an extensive pipeline that will provide multiple vaccine products for internal development and partnering opportunities.