Altravax scientists developed a high-throughput method for evaluating many vaccine candidates in animals through collaboration with Aldevron LLC (Fargo, ND). This ParallelaVax™ technology integrates the diversity-creating technology of MolecularBreeding™ directed molecular evolution with Aldevron’s Genetic Immunization and Antibody (GIA™) service. Additional improvements in documentation and infrastructure form the basis for the high-throughput capability of vaccine screening in animals.

ParallelaVax™ technology allows rapid vaccine screening through animals and is critical for the identification of vaccines with improved properties. It is comprised of the infrastructure, protocols, data tracking, and analytical methods wrapped in a quality system that allows for high-throughput animal testing. The quality system greatly facilitates the documentation required for interaction with the FDA prior to clinical testing. The ParallelaVax™ approach typically yields multiple lead candidates that can be further optimized or pursued in other types of studies. This is a necessary preliminary step before the resource-intensive evaluation of vaccine candidates in humans.